While Dynamic Work can entail flexibility of many forms, one of the most prevalent is ‘Geographic’ mobility. One of the major constraints to such mobility is simply lugging stuff. If you have heavy tools you depend on, it is sometimes easier for you to go to the tools than for the tools to go with you. The electronics miniaturisation revolution (laptops, notebooks, PDAs, phones) has obviously been the primary enabler to greater mobility. But now workers are moving from carpal tunnel syndrome to sore backs carting heaving backpacks and computer bags.

For this challenge and others (eg. tighter restrictions on what travellers can carry on planes), I had always thought that a great business proposition would be somewhere that just sold the smallest versions of everything. To me, ‘small’ and ‘lightweight’ are increasingly critical USPs in an increasingly mobile world. As I investigated the area, I came upon an outfit that was inspired by the same vision and have executed it brilliantly – Minimus. While a number of online e-tailers carry some travel sized items and dabble in this concept, Minimus is the world leader by far with over 2000 products on offer and a range of services.

So impressed was I over Minimus that I got in touch with their founder and CEO Paul Shrater to learn more about the business. We shared similar visions and business approaches and the conversation has evolved into a partnership. While Minimus is strong in the US market, it has not really done much overseas especially due to the high costs of logistics and shipping. As a result, Dynamic Work has signed on to be Minimus’ agent and representative overseas to assist with a number of opportunities that have been presented to them.

If hauling your bag around is one of the considerations keeping you office bound, then have a look at for some great fixes to that problem.

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