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As I have commented a number of times, one of my most profound influences spurring me to set up Dynamic Work Ltd. was my experience working at Microsoft. I not only studied, but I had the privilege of living the ‘New World of Work’ as Microsoft earnestly dogfooded much of the innovative work styles that it preached.

This workplace innovation at Microsoft led its Microsoft Europe division to receive the accolade of #1 Great Place to Work in Europe last year. The innovation is just as relevant today as it was last year and Microsoft Europe has gone on to win the ‘Great Place to Work’ award (Large Companies, ie. over 500 staff) for the second time in a row this past earlier this year in an imposing repeat and strong endorsement of the power of new ways of working.

Dynamic Changes

Red Bee Piero

Sometimes the dream overwhelms the vision. I have long maintained a vision where people worked more flexibly and dynamically. Dynamic Work Ltd. was a great undertaking to translate that vision into a viable business of helping organisations move in that direction. I was delighted with the support, interest and progress which reinforced my vision that this is the direction the world is going. However, the dream opportunity for me professionally and personally has presented itself.

As a result, I have taken the decision to cease offering Dynamic Work consulting services in order to take up the position of General Manager to a company called Piero. In use by 30 sports broadcasters in 20 countries, Piero is a platform for adding graphic effects and even 3D recreations that illuminate live video and highlight commentary.

Sometimes you can have your vision and your dream as well. As it happens, Piero has a heritage linked tightly to BBC who are UK innovators in the field of flexible working through their ‘BBC Flex’ programme and other initiatives. I look forward to working in an environment receptive to innovation where I can continue to live the vision as I follow this dream job.

I plan to continue posting to this blog regularly for those many readers who continue to take an interest in this dynamic topic.

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Dynamic Work Surfaces

Dynamic Furniture

Dynamic Working can take all forms. It’s not just the digital tools, or human work practices, or work spaces that can be made more flexible and dynamic. The physical tools of desk, chairs, work surfaces, tables and a whole lot more can also be dynamic. Some of the best examples are inspiringly demonstrated in this video tweeted by my entrepreneurial muse and creative inspiration, Hugh Macleod.

WheelerKanik (the Dynamic Work partner in design) has done some outstanding designs for a recent Dynamic Work client which exploit modular desking components.