Don’t Be That Guy

Gapingvoid - Time Suck Office

Another one of my earliest and strongest inspirations to workplace innovation is Hugh MacLeod. Not surprisingly since one of the gigs in his portfolio is crafting inspirational cartoons, or as he refers to them – “social objects”.

This piece by Hugh especially captures that shortcoming of conventional office working that Dynamic Work has always aspired to remedy.

  • “I once had a job in an office where everyone worked VERY long hours, yet nothing particularly important or awesome ever seemed to get done. It turned out, the owner was a workaholic who liked to use long hours as a form of escapism, as a way of avoiding doing any real work. You know, the stuff that’s really, really hard. And then he expected other people to do the same, and punished people who didn’t. I don’t know what to tell you, besides ‘Don’t be that guy’.”

Well, I’m glad Hugh isn’t that guy and his pictures and penning has helped me to avoid being that guy.