B*llshit Work

“How Money Works” is a superb YouTube channel providing vlogs on a variety of topics in no-nonsense and easy to understand treatments tinged with a bit of humour. Their piece on “bs jobs” – “Your Job Achieves Nothing… (probably)” underscores the criticality of aligning actual output to responsibilities. One would typically think of a shorter work week as a dividend to dynamic working, but they are actually advocating it as a means to dynamic work:

  • “Is there a solution to this?  Yes…embrace the idea that it is okay to not work 40 hours a week.  The idea that a job is either bullshit or not bullshit is not entirely correct.  In reality, all jobs will have some level of bullshit built into daily routines.  If it was acceptable to say ‘My work is done.  I’m done for the day’, then it would be a lot easier to see who is contributing nothing.”

Managing outcome not activity is a critical cornerstone to dynamic work.