The End of the Office

The End of the Office - Boston Globe

This week’s Boston Globe featured as big piece called “The end of the office… and the future of work” which naturally caught the eye of many of my colleagues and friends (thanks Aidan, Jim, Katie and Mom). Dynamic Work breaks down the 4 basic dimensions of ‘flexibility’ in the workplace to place, time, role and contract. The Globe piece really focuses in on the ‘contract’ dimension. How the relationship between employers and employee is changing to be more flexible…

“The United States Government Accountability Office has estimated that so-called contingent workers – everything from temps to day laborers to the self-employed to independent contractors – make up nearly a third of the workforce. And forecasters believe that proportion will rise. The growth is being driven partly by economic factors, with the uncertain economic climate making short-term contract workers more attractive to firms than full-time employees, but of course broader technological changes are at work as well – cell phones, PDAs, and broadband make it easy to farm out work, even complex, interactive tasks that previously only made sense to do in-house.”

A lot of the messages echo the notions of ‘Portfolio Working’ that my friends Barrie Hopson and Katie Ledger.